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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The planning

Today I began my planning for Africa. Up to this point we have surfed the web, purchased our travel books, sent some emails and watched a few travel DVDs, but have not really focused on getting out of town.  We've set a deadline to try and be out of the States, and digging our toes into African sand, sometime in February 2010. So we have some planning to do. I just began reading Bradt's Africa Overland book. Since we'll be driving around the African continent, this seems a likely place to begin.

I will also be sending this blog address out to our friends and family so they don't totally forget about us while we're gone, and to my Nana, my kindred free spirit, the one who always wants to come along. She isn't able to join us on this adventure, but I want to make sure she knows where we are and how we are doing. Take care of yourself Nana and we'll have our own adventure when I come home. Please post while we are gone, it makes 10,000 miles seem not-so-far away. We love you and hope that you'll get a kick out of our adventures.

Big love,