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Friday, February 19, 2010

Is he murdering you?

Asked a British gentleman as I clawed my way across the invisible 'finish line' at the top of Glenn's 10,000 step race up Table Mountain. His question actually answered an earlier question to Glenn, "Is my face purple?" What started innocently as a hike up Plattekloof Gorge an hour or so earlier quickly turned into a race with two Americans in the lead. We barely stopped for water, lest someone pass us, and a 3 hour climb turned into a very brisk 1 hour death march. You guys know what I am talking about. GP takes no prisoners, but we won. We made it to the top without getting passed...even team spandex failed to keep up.

So today marks the end of our first week in Cape Town. So far we have hiked both Table Mountain and Lion's Head, had our fare share of fabulous and awful food, tasted the local beer/wine, GP got his hair cut, I took a cooking class and we waited in line for 2 hours to get a form, that we are not sure we actually need, to extend our visa (never mind the lines for returning the completed form or awaiting the conclusion of said form). As cosmopolitan as this city is, it is still Africa.

Of course, you can hardly get a feel for the place having spent only a week here, but the best part of our trip thus far has been the people. We have met the most incredible people from all around Africa, refugees from the war torn Congo, transplants, locals, hilarious cab drivers, Faldela who welcomed me into her house and taught me about Cape Malay food, Catherine who serves up a loving breakkie and the most beautiful smile EVER, Toni, one of the owners of The Backpack, who is kindly educating me on the human rights attrocities and triumphs here in town, and the rest of the wonderfully hospitable staff here at The Backpack - the best backpacker we've ever been to, hands down. The people have all been exceptional, kind, welcoming and gracious. Tomorrow morning Lea, the other owner here, is going to pick me up and show me around the Organic Market, CapeTown's Saturday market; where I've been told every rich white person shops for food (Toni says she wouldn't step foot in such a place), but I am excited and only a bit reluctant; you know that I can't resist a market day with the girls.

We have also been up the west coast to the suburb Blouberg, where our future 'home' resides. Of course, G and I are not mechanical, so we kicked the tires and looked under the hood (not sure of what we were looking for). Since we are going to be taking this well loved Toyota Land Cruiser for a long, long drive, we decided to have the LC expert of South Africa give his blessing (or not) before we head out. So Monday is the day we find out if this car will make it. If so, we will become the proud new owners of a 2003 Toyota Land Cruiser Camper which we will spend the next week or so kitting out for it's long journey north. Wish us luck, we just might need it.

We love and miss you all,
Glenn + Corrin