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Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today I pulled the trigger on our safari camera. Going from a point and click to big gun was a little unnerving, since I contemplated the gorgeous piece of art that I could have for a similar investment, and basically know NOTHING about cameras. Well, let the photo art collection begin...I better be good. Say cheese.

We also settled on a GPS to help guide us around the continent, are narrowing down our vehicle options, reading travel blogs and stocking up on a few items that I can't seem to live without: disposable contact lenses, sunscreen, face lotion, a full on pharmacy (learned this lesson the hard way), a few 'other' items that remain nameless. Wow, is that all we really need to live for an entire year? It is amazing how light you can pack when flying into a major metropolitan city. If we think we'll need it when we get there, we'll have plenty of opportunities in Cape Town, SA.

So the countdown is on. We haven't purchased our tickets yet, but will soon. Glenn has spent a good portion of his days researching the vehicle that will take us nearly around the African continent, if not the entire continent. Four wheel drive is a must, as is reliability. Neither of us are mechanics, or desire to be. I am sure we will have to adapt, as there are several bush mechanics courses available in and around Cape Town. I think one of them was how to fix a 'tyre' puncture with gum tree sap, or something like it. Apparently we need a vehicle light enough to drive on vast expanses of sand tracks, loaded enough to carry a variety of spare parts (a very long list), our necessities (a fairly short list), a second change of oil, all lubricants, gallons and gallons of drinking water, diesel for several hundred miles, my pantry (don't laugh, this is serious business), our BigAss camera, us and everything else that entails.  In addition to all of the other little necessities that make living out of a car for a year a wee more luxurious [read: hammock, down pillows]. You can rest assured, if we forget something major, you'll eventually hear about it. And I thought learning how to use this camera was going to be a challenge.

Bring on the love, the clock is ticking; we want to see each of your beautiful faces before we leave. It is your loving friendship that encourages us to grow, remain connected and truly live in happiness. We're going to miss you like crazy!

Big, huge love,

The difference between ordeal and adventure is merely a matter of perspective.