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Saturday, July 3, 2010

We’ve Found ‘That Lovin’ Feeling’

The other day we were driving from Francistown, Botswana, crossing the border at Plumtree and heading east into Zimbabwe toward Hwange Park. We had heard mixed reports on Zimbabwe, so we didn't know what to expect. But, just like the other crossings, it was laughably easy. We were even waved through, past the vehicle search bay and welcomed whole heartedly by the border guards.

It was Glenn who initially brought this to my attention our first afternoon in Hwange National Park. "You know that lovie feeling you immediately get with some people." He said as we stopped for lunch, "Well, I feel it now here with Vincent and Molly and had it back in Francistown when we met Steve and Mike" (see previous post). Yes, and don't forget last night where we stayed on a beautiful renovated old hunting lodge owned by Clive, June and their three smooching little pigs. Seems like nearly every person we meet these days gives us that lovin' feeling.

A couple weeks ago Louise (my darling Mother-in-Law) and I were emailing back and forth. Our conversations kept coming back to our experience with the African people. From Cape Town to Victoria Falls (where I am writing this post) we've had nothing but incredibly positive, memorable, heart-warming experiences. Louise had mentioned this fact to Betty Ann, a dear friend of hers, who has traveled extensively through Africa, visiting many of the places we have. Not having been to Africa herself Louise inquired about the nature of the people and Betty Ann suggested the draw is likely the African's sense of authenticity. Louise sent me another email asking if that was it. Was it their authenticity that appealed to Glenn and me? Yes, It is. Betty Ann is right on. But there is something else there, and underlying feeling that daily conversations matter in some emotionally significant way…it is a genuine regard, or interest in one another.

There is a way of being that is devoid of cultural reserve, expectations and ego, like the veneer has been peeled back and you are exposed in all of your genuine glory. There are no fears of inadequacy, cultural expectations or self doubt, there is only pure goodness. Now imagine that radiant being crosses your path and shines all of their beauty onto you. You light up. That is what it is like, everyday. Of course not every African is like this, but a disproportionate number of them are. And we are soaking it up!

We want to live this way. Glenn has adapted so completely that I have begun calling his Chatty Cakes. He takes time for EVERYONE. I know, it is sweet, but sometimes I am in a hurry to go and have to stand by and listen to his inquiries into his new friend's family, and how their day is going, etc, etc. Here, greetings happen before any business is conducted and he is a master of the greeting. I am yet to catch up, but I will. He is a highly evolved human being.

We are loving every minute of this new way of being.

Sending you radiant love and pure goodness,

Corrin + Glenn

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind"
- Dr. Seuss

Photos to come (unfortunately the upload wasn't happening, so check back later): Us with the pigs, Molly and Vincent in their 'new' chairs and the ultimate butt scratch in Hwange

More photos of us with June's pigs, Molly and Vincent and our time in Hwange National Park will posted as soon as we have an internet connection that is fast enough to upload…which may not happen while in Zimbabwe.

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