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Saturday, August 14, 2010


We are back in paradise. Tofo, Mozambique is watergirl's dream: azure warm ocean waves, tropical fruits galore and some of the best reef diving in the world. I am in heaven. Well, I am a little sick (Glenn gave me a cold) but I am recovering today so I can surf tomorrow, then I'll be in heaven. I have to admit, lounging beach side with a cold - under the coco palms watching Lovie paddle himself on a SUP through the break - is not to shabby. If nothing else, the warm Mozambique sun will bake these nasty little germs into submission and if that doesn't work, I am going to poison them later on with a good dose of citric acid and a splash of alcohol for good measure. Oh yah. I could get used to this.

Well, we'll actually get quite used to it, because Tofo is going to be home for a few days. GP and I plan on getting dive certified while we are here. There are not many places in the world where you can dive with the whale sharks and Giant Stingrays just off shore, so we have to do it. We've been meaning to get our PADI cert for years now, but for one reason or another we haven't, despite being in some of the most incredible dive spots on earth. So regret no more…we are going diving. I have always been a bit proud of my champion snorkeling abilities, so I can't imagine forsaking my first love altogether, but I am really looking forward to going deep. Besides, certification in the warm crystal clear Indian Ocean is a lot more appealing than getting certified in the cold murky waters of Hoods Canal!

Just now a man came by with fresh fire roasted cashews…Oh yes sir, I'll take a scoop of those little gems. Yummy! Obrigata!

We need a break from the car. Glenn and I have not slept in a hotel room since 'The South Africa Incident' where we were both permanently tattooed by a nasty little biting spider/mosquito (the perpetrator is still in question). Glenn received 5 perfectly round brown scars and I got one. Cheap hotels here aren't the same as cheap hotels at home. Here you're lucky to get clean sheets, forget about warm water and electricity those are mere bonuses. Besides, with a down comforter, and pillows and crisp cotton sheets our bed in the car is so much cozier than most hotels. And at this point, we're on familiar terms with the critters that live in the van; those we can deal with.

Yes, driving south for 4 days to reach the beach side village of Tofo was a slight violation of our pact to keep the Cruiser pointing north, but we are suckers for waves. I have to say, now that we're here, driving 8+ hours a day over pothole pocked roads has almost been forgotten, every bumpy kilometer was soooo worth it. We justified the setback by telling ourselves that we can either skip Zambia and Malawi or, we'll buzz quickly through much of the vast uninhabited stretches of  the Sudanese desert later on. Either way, we'll make up time somewhere. As for now, we're focused on the beach. And I probably should start focusing on some sunscreen…this white girl is not used to this kind of sun; I've been covered up for months. It is winter here and trust me, it gets COLD in southern Africa...but apparently not here in Mozambique. Ah, paradisimo!

With my toes in the sand I send you love,


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