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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Afrihassles Sorted...Sort Of

We are well into our second week in Nairobi and have managed to find all four of our parcels. After days of driving around, calling and more or less meeting every single employee in Nairobi's Central Post Office we are in possession of three of the four. The Christmas present is still incarcerated at the customs office by the Kenyan Revenue Authority with a bail higher than we’re willing to pay. Despite my three page plea to the Senior Assistant Commissioner of the Kenyan Revenue Authority (yes, that is his complete title and I was told to write it all out lest my letter be tossed in the trash) I was unable to reduce the tax on our Christmas present. I gave him two options: he could reduce the tax and get some revenue out of us, or stick to the original assessment and get nothing. If he opts for the latter I asked that he kindly donates it to someone in need (likely his wife, but that is another story). I didn’t get a response. After ten days of appeals, it doesn’t look like we’ll be dragging our Christmas pancakes through puddles of pure Vermont maple syrup this year…back to treacle. Sorry Louise and thank you for thinking of us; it really, REALLY is the thought that counts.

Despite our mail snafus we have thoroughly enjoyed Nairobi, a pleasant surprise given its reputation. We did indeed go back for a second round of giraffe kisses (love those guys), found a few tasty little restaurants and have met wonderful people from all over the world. Last night we all got together for a BBQ. There is the cutest Swedish family who have driven down from Stockholm with their two 5 year old daughters, an Irish couple, a father and son duo from South Africa whose only directive is to drive north, a darling young couple from England, a French couple who are exploring Africa as their last continent on their 5 year world tour, a couple German motorcyclists who’ve spent years driving around the world and us. We’ve heard that we’ll be joined tonight by two twenty something Aussies who are circumnavigating the globe on quads in a race to break a world record! So you can image the scene here at Jungle Junction. Being ‘trapped’ in a city with excellent company is not so bad after all.

With Christmas one week away, we are heading north. We want to spend Christmas in Ethiopia. This year we will be giving rice; the opportunity to share food with those in need is truly the greatest of gifts. If I don’t write between now and then, I wish you the very merriest of Christmas’. May you radiate all of your love and goodness outward blessing those in need. You’ve made my life so much brighter by being a part of it, so keep on shining!

Big love from Nairobi,

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