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Monday, January 17, 2011

Ethiopia Censored

The Ethiopian government has censored blogger. There are a million things about this wonderfully frusterating country that I want to share, but I'll have to wait until I can actually log on to my blogger account to post them...most likely once we get to Sudan. I can go through googles portal into my edit page, which is who I am writing this, but I can't actually see what is posted.

Speaking of Sudan, we got our visa. Yeah! It is waiting for us in Addis Ababa. Apparently Americans can get into Sudan if the price is right. We will spend a couple more weeks in Ethiopia before crossing over into Sudan to ensure a peaceful resolution to the referendum before we commit to driving through. We'll be sure to check the situation before leaving Addis. As of today, a division looks eminent and peaceful.

In a couple of days we will be driving into the Danakil Depression to dig around a bit. The discovery of several australopithicines in this area has led archeologists to rethink our ancenstory. I am sure it can't be too hard to find something cool. Do you think the customes officers would notice a few fossils in my bag? Just kidding.

While in the Danakil we are hoping to catch up with the Salt Caravan. A group of nomadic camel drivers who have been trecking into the Danakil for hundreds? thousands? of years. Apparently you can buy a brick of salt from the lowest lake on Earth for $00.16. Cool.

We are currently in Axum waiting for the festival of the Ark. Apparently tomorrow is one of their holiest days of the year where the Ark of the Covenant is paraded around town. The 'real' one stays locked in a chuch vault under the watchful eye of a devoted monk. Yes, among other claims, Ethiopians believe that the real Ark containing God's law is locked away in a church here in Axum. I had to brush up on my Old Testament by reading Exodus so I could spot the inconsistancies. I'll let you know how it goes.

Sending you love from Axum,


  1. Good luck with what sounds like some tricky political navigation!

    I hope you are able to write about the Festival of the Ark, it sounds fascinating.

    Hey, if a little bit of salt made it's way back here, I wouldn't be complaining... :)

    Safe travels, my dear!

  2. Corrin,

    Thank you so much for keeping this online journal. I am enjoying the trip with you! Your photos are blowing me away.

    Safe journey to you both, I'll be watching!

    Cousin Marilyn